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Press Release of CIMT2023


Dear guests, friends from the press, ladies and gentlemen,


Good morning everyone!


The CIMT2023 show is sponsored by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association and co-organized by China International Exhibition Center Group Limited, it will be held at China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall) in Beijing from April 10 to April 15, 2023. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has lasted for three years, has seriously blocked the offline communication of the domestic and overseas machine tool industry, in the context of the smooth transition of pandemic prevention and control in China, the CIMT2023 exhibition will be held successfully as scheduled, which will be the common expectation of domestic and overseas industry colleagues. The exhibition sponsor will work together with all parties to present a high level intelligent manufacturing feast with perfect integration of digitalization and machine tool for the global manufacturing industry and upstream and downstream industries.


First of all, on behalf of the CMTBA and co-organizer CIEC, please allow me to express a warm welcome to the friends from the press in today's press conference, thank you for your long term attention and coverage of the CIMT exhibition! Today, we will give an overview of the progress of various preparations for the exhibition that everyone is focusing on.


Since China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) was established in 1989, it has gone through 34 years of development. CIMT always adheres to the path of internationalization and specialization, focuses on displaying the world's most advanced manufacturing technologies and equipments, and receives the full support of various national and regional machine tool associations, trade promotion organizations, domestic and overseas machine tool enterprises, and a large number of user enterprises, so far, CIMT has been successfully held for 17 sessions, along with China's reform and opening up, it has played an important role in promoting and assisting the innovation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry. CIMT is not only a grand exhibition to show the world advanced manufacturing technologies and machine tool products, but also an important platform to promote technological exchange and business cooperation between China and foreign countries, it is also the best window to closely understand the changes in demand in China, the world's largest machine tool and tool consumption market.


The theme of this exhibition is "Collaborative innovation on digital & intelligent manufacturing is embracing the future". This theme accurately responds to the development trend of China’s machine tool market demand, and jointly moving toward intelligent manufacturing.


Currently, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are developing deeply. The new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation characterized by the intersection and integration of new generation information technology, new energy, new materials, biomedicine, green and low-carbon is booming, leading the development direction of the scientific and technological industry, and opening up new and huge growth space. New generation information technologies such as the Internet, big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence are accelerating breakthroughs, deeply integrating and innovating with the manufacturing industry, and promoting fundamental changes in the production method, development mode, and enterprise form of the manufacturing industry.


Currently, innovation is still the main theme of the future development of the industry. The machine tool & Tool industry is a national basic and strategic industry, which must be based on independent innovation and self-reliance. Through independent research and original innovation, introduction of technology, digestion and absorption, and re-innovation, integration of existing technology innovation, it is the only way to achieve key technology breakthroughs and industrial upgrading.


At present, the advantages of integration and innovation in the machine tool industry will increasingly emerge. The deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology, extensive alliances between upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain, and capital operations across fields and industries have maximized customer resource sharing, technological resource matching, and supply resource complementation etc., only integration and innovation can win the future together.


At the CIMT2023 show, CMTBA will closely focus on the industrial digital construction, increase efforts to showcase and promote the application of information communication, big data, artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other technologies in the industry, and provide assistance for the digital upgrading and transformation of manufacturing industry enterprises. It will promote the demonstration application and iterative upgrade of NC-Link (Communication protocol for the equipments adopting Numerical Control Interlink), explore the production practice activities of data as a factor in the industry, and promote the in-depth and breadth development of digitization and intelligence in the industry.


At the CIMT2023 show, domestic and overseas exhibitors will vividly interpret the rich connotation of the exhibition theme "Collaborative innovation on digital & intelligent manufacturing is embracing the future" through their latest technologies and products.


At today's press conference, we will mainly introduce the following three aspects, first, the situation of the exhibition hall, exhibitors, and exhibits; second, international exchanges and industry activities during the exhibition; third, the various guarantee and service works of the exhibition.


. Situation of exhibition hall, exhibitors and exhibits


CIMT2023 will use all eight indoor exhibition halls (E1, E2, E3, E4, W1, W2, W3, and W4) of China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall) in Beijing, as well as four temporary exhibition halls (E5, E6, E7, and E8), with a total exhibition area of 140,000 square meters, there are about 1600 machine tool industry enterprises from 28 countries and regions competing together, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, United States, South Korea, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, India, France, Czech Hong Kong Region and Taiwan Region Machine tool associations and trade promotion organizations from 13 countries and regions, organized pavilions to participate in the exhibition. Famous machine tool and tool enterprises in the world will bring their latest technologies and products to the exhibition.


In order to make sure the exhibition and viewing effects of exhibitors and visitors, and focus on displaying industry hot products and technologies, the exhibition sponsor will continue to use the method of combining national pavilions and exhibits classification, with cross distribution of domestic and overseas exhibition areas. At the same time, professional exhibition areas such as forming and laser processing machine tool, industrial robot, and automation have been set up, where domestic and overseas exhibitors mix to arrange exhibitions and compete together. In addition, the exhibition area for the application achievement of Communication protocol for the equipments adopting Numerical Control Interlink (NC-Link), special achievement exhibition area for numerical control machine tool, and exhibition area for colleges’ window have been set up to strengthen and promote exchanges and cooperation between various parties in production, study, research, and practical application of machine tool industry.


This exhibition will continue to launch the CIMT2023 China International Machine Tool Show online exhibition, form effective interaction with offline exhibition, provides pre exhibition warm-up, interaction during the exhibition, and negotiation and communication after the exhibition for offline exhibition. The main functions of online exhibition are three parts. The first is the enterprise resource library, where users can upload information about products, cases, and exhibition halls, and create their own resource library. The second is a professional social community, where enterprises can publish enterprise information, product information, case information, order information, etc. through the form like "micro blog". The third is supply chain services, the applet has a supplier management and customer relationship management system, which can manage and maintain enterprise supplier and customer information in the background, at the same time, it helps enterprises explore potential business opportunities and obtain customer clues through data analysis of the interaction behavior of the applet users. In addition, customers and visitors can also browse and learn about the exhibitors and exhibits at offline exhibition in advance and later through the online exhibition, formulate tour routes in advance, find and collect interested exhibitors and exhibits.


The exhibits at this exhibition include the main product categories of the industrial chain, such as master machine tool, CNC systems, functional components, measuring tools and equipments, machine tool appliances, cutting tools and accessories, etc. Among them, there are a complete range of master machine tool products, including metal cutting, metal forming, and non-traditional machine. The application of hot technologies such as the IIoT, artificial intelligence, robot, and additive manufacturing (3D Printing) will become the focus of attention.


By sorting out known exhibits, we summarized the following six aspects of the exhibits (we have a special article "Software supports intelligent manufacturing, innovation drives development" published on the CMTBA WeChat official account, website and other official media, which is only briefly introduction here):


. Digital interconnection is changing with each passing day


Digital manufacturing technology is an inevitable choice for the global manufacturing industry in the face of increasingly significant demand for customized users in the future. The transformation of manufacturing mode urgently needs the support of new technologies, new products, and new solutions. Facing with the new demands of the global manufacturing industry, machine tool and tool enterprises, no matter active or passive, must constantly introduce new technologies and products with distinctive digital characteristics, as well as digital solutions, to help users achieve the transformation of digital and intelligent manufacturing. In the past 10 years, digital manufacturing technology and interconnection technology have changed rapidly, becoming one of the fastest developing technologies. Through products such as ERP, PPS, PDM, MES, and CAD/CAM, this exhibition will showcase the highlights of digital technology and equipment introduced by machine tool enterprises, such as the latest technological achievements in process digitization, production line (equipment) management digitization, and workshop management digitization. This exhibition will also fully display the latest applications of NC-Link.


. Industrial software is variously


For a long time, improving the performance of machine tool, hardware is the focus of research in the industry. However, the improvement of a technology is approaching the limit stage, and it is more difficult to achieve breakthrough progress. With the development of mechanical technology, it is increasingly difficult to improve the accuracy and performance of machine tool solely through the improvement of mechanical technology. With the development of digital technology and the increasingly complex processing needs of users, industrial software has become the key to enriching and improving the functions of CNC machine tool, promoting the level and efficiency of enterprise management, and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprise.


Industrial software encapsulates industrial knowledge, establishes a data flow rule system, creates the brain and nerves of the manufacturing chain, makes the intelligent manufacturing chain smarter, and functions can be adjusted at any time. Industrial software has described, integrated, simulated, accelerated, amplified, optimized, and innovated traditional manufacturing processes, formed a new model of industrial intelligence. Industrial software development has become the focus of research for software development enterprises and machine tool enterprises, this exhibition will focus on the rapid development of CAD/CAM software, control software, simulation software, detection software, compensation software, management software, etc., with a great performance.


. Green technology insists to reduce discharge


Research has shown that about 80% of carbon dioxide in the life cycle of machine tool products is emitted by using machines in factories. Therefore, China's green strategy inevitably requires our machine tool and Tool industry to provide low-carbon green machine tool to user enterprise, forcing the machine tool and tool industry to develop green technology and promote technological progress in the industry.


The research and application of green technology for machine tool are mainly reflected in: optimizing design, reducing the weight of moving parts of machine tool, and reducing energy demand; Energy recycle, the drive device is equipped with an electric energy feedback device to recycle braking energy; Energy management, standby shutdown of cooling, hydraulic, lighting, display, and other energy consuming equipments; Improving energy efficiency by using more efficient motors; Applying advanced manufacturing and management technologies such as digital technology, automation technology, composite processing technology, high-speed machining technology, and simulation technology to shorten production cycles, improving production efficiency, and reducing energy consumption; Applying new cutting fluids for clean machining, micro lubrication, and dry cutting technology to reduce pollution. These green technologies will be reflected on the exhibits of many exhibitors at this exhibition.


At the CIMT2021 exhibition, DMG MORI has announced that all machine tool products delivered to uers have achieved "carbon neutrality", becoming one of the first industrial enterprises in the world to achieve climate neutrality and "product carbon footprint", which is worthy of our attention and exchange.


. Wide prospect for additive manufacturing


Additive manufacturing technology, as a cutting-edge technology, has received high attention from various countriesregions, however, due to the problems of materials, cost, efficiency, mechanical properties and surface quality of products, its application scenarios are constrained. In recent years, the research in the field of additive manufacturing at home and abroad has gradually deepened, giving us a new understanding of the application prospect of additive manufacturing.


The application of additive manufacturing technology previously more focused on applications in space development, ocean navigation, and the production of non critical stressed parts that cannot be achieved by machining technology. With the materials and deep research on processes, the application field of additive manufacturing technology will continue to expand, becoming a beneficial supplement and even a competitor to cutting technology. Moreover, additive manufacturing technology also has time and cost advantages for batch production, and currently, parts produced with high level additive manufacturing technology are no inferior to forgings in terms of mechanical properties, metallographic structure, and other aspects. These new technology applications will be reflected in this exhibition.


. Integrated collaboration is flourishing


In the field of parts processing and mold processing, workpiece shapes are becoming increasingly complex, delivery times are shortening, and the high added value of products is deepening, requiring processing equipment with high performance and efficiency. In order to meet market demand, with a certain goal as the guidance, it has become a trend of technological innovation to integrate machine tool structure and function, processing technology, working methods, etc., and to obtain high performance and high efficiency products. The development of various types of composite machine tools processing units, automatic lines, and multi spindle processing equipment has shown a prosperous scene.


The composite machine tool integrates different processing processes on one machine tool in accordance with the principle of process centralization, achieving one time installation to complete all processing, thereby reducing installation times, improving processing accuracy and production efficiency, it is particularly suitable for parts with complex shapes and high accuracy requirements. At this exhibition, composite machine tool and the latest technologies from worldwide will be intensively displayed, including turn-mill combination, turn-grind combination, additive and reducing material combination, non-traditional processing and cutting processing combination, multiple spindle machining center, dual spindle vertical lathe, dual spindle horizontal lathe, medium drive dual head lathe, etc, the exhibits are very rich and represent the current trend of integrated composite machining technology, welcome to visit and inspect.


. Innovative technology stands out


Technological innovation is the first driving force for sustainable development of enterprises, plays a pivotal role in the improvement of production methods and technological levels of products, and is an inevitable choice for enterprises to enhance market competitiveness.


Innovative technology applications such as ultrasonic vibration processing technology, high dynamic turning technology, cycloidal milling technology, and tool mark free turning technology will be displayed at this exhibition.


. International exchanges and industry activities during the exhibition


In order to fully meet the needs of participants of different types and levels, the exhibition sponsor will organize colorful themed activities around the exhibition theme to maximize the visitors’ viewing experience. The main activities include:


1. International CEO Forum of Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry 2023


The "International CEO Forum of Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry 2023" is scheduled to be held at Crowne Plaza Beijing International Airport Hotel on April 9, 2023. The theme of this CEO Forum is "Collaborative innovation on digital & intelligent manufacturing is embracing the future ".


The " International CEO Forum of Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry" was founded in 2014 and was dedicated by the China Machine Tool Industry Association, the sponsor of CIMT2023 (the 18th China International Machine Tool Show), it focuses on customizing for CEO in the global manufacturing industry, becoming an important communication and interaction platform, it has been successfully held for 8 sessions, and has a good brand influence and high reputation in the global manufacturing industry.


This forum will closely focus on the theme and invite representatives of domestic and overseas well-known machine tool and tool enterprises to elaborate on their beneficial attempts, practical experiences, and achievements in integrated innovation, promoting industrial progress, and digital and intelligent transformation from different perspectives, for the exchange and reference of the industry. At that time, about 100 from the global machine tool industry entrepreneurs, some experts, scholars of user fields, and media representatives will be invited to participate in the forum activities.


2. Symposium on Application of Domestic CNC Machine Tool in Key Fields


Entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence, the "Symposium on the Application of Domestic CNC Machine Tool in Key Fields" was organized by the CMTBA and the Project Audit Center of the State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defence. Since 2005, the symposium has been held for 17 sessions consecutively during CIMT and CCMT exhibitions. From April 11 to 12, the 2023 Symposium on the Application of Domestic CNC Machine Tool in Key Fields will be held in Beijing. The symposium will invite users in key fields such as aerospace and key enterprises in the machine tool industry to conduct in-depth exchanges, issue the "Supply Catalogue of Domestic High Grade CNC Machine Tool" and the recommended product collection of domestic CNC machine tool, organize special docking and exchange between supply and demand, and inspect the latest development of the domestic and overseas CNC machine tool industry through activities such as visiting the CIMT2023 exhibition and the special achievement show of CNC machine tool.


3. Application achievement show of Communication protocol for the equipments adopting Numerical Control Interlink (NC-Link) 


The Communication protocol for the equipments adopting Numerical Control Interlink (NC-Link), researched and formulated under the leadership of the CMTBA, is a unified standard for interconnection based on the new generation of information and communication technology. Currently, with the support of relevant projects from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the release and implementation of NC-Link national and group standards have accelerated its application and promotion process. The development of this standard will bring important support and promotion to the construction of intelligent factories and the promotion of intelligent production in China.


In order to showcase the latest research and application achievement of China's CNC machine tool interconnection standard, the CMTBA will organize relevant units to promote the NC-Link interconnection protocol standard at the CIMT2023 exhibition. "China Machine Tool and Tool Industry Internet Special Exhibition Area" will be arranged in the E1 Hall of this exhibition, focusing on the theme of "technology, value, and cooperation", to display the achievements of NC-Link in building a technical capability system, focusing on application promotion, and expanding ecological cooperation, and continuously improve the ability of NC-Link to serve equipment enterprises and empower user enterprises. At the same time, we will demonstrate the application of the NC-Link interconnection communication protocol with CNC systems, CNC machine tool exhibits, and CNC machine tools of remote user on the exhibition site, demonstrate the full set of solutions for the interconnection application of NC-Link in the fields of CNC systems, CNC machine tool, robot, and other fields, and create an interconnected, shared, and open cooperation ecosystem for the digital transformation of the industry.


4. Commendation of Advanced Members (Top 10)


The annual "Commendation of Advanced Members (Top 10)" event organized by the CMTBA has been ongoing for more than 20 years since it was first held in 2001. This commendation event plays a role in promoting industry transformation, upgrading, and technological progress, recognizing the advanced and establishing a model, at the same time, it demonstrates the development level and strength of China's machine tool industry to domestic and overseas user industry, and promotes outstanding enterprises and high quality products in the industry. The two awards of the "Commendation of Advanced Members (Top 10)" event: the Top 10 Independent Innovation and the Top 10 Product Quality, the "Advanced Member (Top 10) of the Chinese Machine Tool Industry" recognition and award ceremony will be held at the exhibition on the afternoon of April 10th to issue medals and honorary certificates to the award-winning enterprises.


5. Special Achievement Exhibition for CNC Machine Tool


Entrusted by the "High grade CNC machine tool and basic manufacturing equipment" science and technology major special implementation management office, the CMTBA will continue to hold CNC machine tool special achievement show activities at the exhibition. The exhibition area is located on the south side of the east corridor of the exhibition hall. This special exhibition mainly promotes and shows the achievements of the industry in basic research and high-tech product research and development through image and text since the implementation of the special research. On the basis of materials submitted by various specialized research units, the CNC Machine Tool Special Exhibition highlights the characteristics of the industrial chain, and focuses on displaying the special achievements in four modules: common technology platform, CNC system and functional component, master machine tool, and demonstration application, the purpose is to guide industry enterprises to seek development based on innovation, promote the advancement of industrial foundation, and modernization of the industrial chain, and promote the high quality development of China's machine tool industry.


6. The Leaders Joint Meeting of Representative Offices for Overseas Machine Tool Associations and Trade Promotion Organizations in China and Some Foreign Funded Enterprises in China 2023


The annual " The Leaders Joint Meeting of Representative Offices for Overseas Machine Tool Associations and Trade Promotion Organizations in China and Some Foreign Funded Enterprises in China 2023" organized by the CMTBA was changed from the original plan held at the beginning of the year to the afternoon of April 10th due to the pandemic. It is expected that nearly 100 representatives from about 60 representative offices in China and some foreign funded enterprises in China will be invited to attend the meeting.


At the meeting, delegates will conduct extensive exchanges on their respective operations in the past year and seek development plans for the new year.


7. The Leaders Joint Meeting of Overseas Machine Tool Association (Networking Party)


During the exhibition, "The Leaders Joint Meeting of Overseas Machine Tool Association (Networking Party)" will also be held as usual. This is a very important and representative international meeting. At the meeting, leaders of various associations will review the operation of the machine tool industry in their respective countries and regions over the past two years, exchange experiences and insights, and jointly study and judge the development trend of the world machine tool industry in the future, especially how to strengthen communication and cooperation in the post pandemic era, to promote the development and progress of the global machine tool industry.


8. International Business Symposium


CMTBA will hold an "International Business Symposium" on the morning of April 12th. The central topic of this symposium is "The impact of changes in global industrial chains and supply chains on international operations of enterprises". It is proposed to invite experts and enterprise delegates from all parties to discuss the topics such as the changing trend of industrial chain reflected by international trade data of metal working machine tool; How to avoid trade friction risks in international operations; Opportunities of expanding overseas markets under the RCEP framework. The symposium will have certain reference significance for manufacturing industrial enterprises to formulate international business strategies.


9. NC-Link Community Ecological Conference


NC-Link community is a industrial public service platform for the CMTBA (hereinafter referred to as the "association") to support the development and promotion of NC-Link standard protocol, and entrusts Machine Tool Matrix Co., Ltd. to organize the development and daily operation and maintenance. Providing services such as NC-Link standard information release, product promotion and testing, technical support, and digital scene expansion for enterprises in the machine tool industry, creating a new model of NC-Link research and development and promotion that is open and cooperative, innovating and winning together, and attracting more equipment enterprises, software enterprises, and research institutions to participate in the development and application of NC-Link standard. The community started to operate in 2022, currently, it has attracted more than 50 enterprise users and more than 100 individual users to settle in, collected 39 industrial software of various types, including Beijing JINGDIAO Group Co., Ltd., GSK CNC Equipment Co. Ltd., Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co, Ltd. , ZWSOFT CO., LTD., and many other domestic mainstream master machine and CNC system enterprises, industrial application enterprises, which have been served end users through the community.


During the exhibition, the association will organize a community ecological conference, invite members of the NC-Link Alliance, some domestic and overseas master machine and CNC enterprises to participate in the conference, officially launch the NC-Link community and the "NC-Driver" interconnection software and hardware product system around the NC-Link standard protocol, study and discuss the operation mechanism of the NC-Link product system, the cooperation and promotion mode of the NC-Link protocol, and other contents.


10. Special Exhibition Area of “Educational Institutions Showcase”


In order to promote technological exchange and cooperation between enterprises and colleges, promote the industrial application of scientific research achievements, and industrial transformation and upgrading, this exhibition will continue to set up the special exhibition area of “Educational Institutions Showcase”. The exhibition area is located on the north side of the east corridor of the exhibition hall. At that time, Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, Dalian University of Technology, Jilin University, Dalian Polytechnic University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, and Henan University of Technology will display cutting-edge and practical research achievements such as machine tool structural design, basic process research, and digital solution, including many national or provincial level science and technology award projects.


11. Technical Seminar


The exhibition provides a variety of wonderful technical seminars for the general visitors, maximizing the participation experience of trade visitors, while also meeting the promotional requirements of exhibitors. So far, the sponsor has received 85 applications for technical seminars from 48 enterprises, including 59 domestic enterprises and 26 overseas enterprises. It is expected that the number of technical seminar during this exhibition will still more than 100.


. Various guarantees and services of the exhibition


1. Informationization Service


Visitors can pre-register through CIMT official website, WeChat official account and other ways. In order to save entry time and avoid congestion in the entrance hall, we encourage everyone to do real name pre registration in advance, and to print their visitor cards at the exhibition site using the self-service making card machine, this will be more efficient.


At the same time, the sponsor has upgraded the communication facilities of the exhibition hall, expanded the capacity of mobile phone and Internet signals, and Wi-Fi has covered all indoor exhibition halls and entrance hall.


At present, the official website of the exhibition (www.cimtshow. com) has released the list of exhibitors, venue map, exhibition locations and exhibits, and will add the small program of "exhibition assistant" and the electronic version of " List of Exhibitors (Catalogue)" on the association's WeChat official account, which can be quickly queried at anytime and anywhere to provide more convenience for visitors to visit.


2. News Media Service


In order to facilitate the timely reporting of the exhibition for domestic and overseas news media, the sponsor has set up a "Press Center" on the second floor (E2-203) of the exhibition hall E2. The Press Center will be equipped with necessary hardware equipment such as computers and networks, and provide the latest promotional information to facilitate media promotion and reporting.


The Press Center will also accept contributions from exhibitors to report the latest information about the exhibition and exhibits, and will select excellent contributions to publish on the website, WeChat official account, Video ID, Exhibition News and other media platforms hosted by CMTBA.


We welcome all media to make full use of the facilities of the Press Center during the exhibition, timely obtain the exhibition news, exchange information of the exhibition, exhibitors, and exhibits, and comprehensively report on the grand occasion of the exhibition.


3. On-site Service for User Procurement Groups


The marketing department of CMTBA has set up a trade contact office in the exhibition hall, located in the marketing department office on the second floor of the east corridor (E3-201), to provide negotiation venues for user groups in various key fields and provide supply and demand matching and exchange service.


4. Public Security, Fire Protection, Safety Supervision, and Pandemic Prevention


In order to ensure public security, fire protection, health, and safety of the exhibition, the sponsor and organizers, under the guidance and supervision of the public security office, fire protection, safety supervision, and health departments of Shunyi district, Beijing, deployed various works such as exhibition construction, showcase, and exhibition move-out in accordance with relevant regulations.


5. Transportation Service


During the exhibition, the sponsor and organizers will set up a temporary pick-up and drop-off point for taxi passengers at Gate 1 on the east side of the south square of the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall), visitors who take taxi and online car-hailing can get on and off here, and after getting off, they can directly arrive at the exhibition hall.


From April 10th to 15th, 2023, self-driving vehicles will uniformly park in the P6 parking lot on Yufeng Road. The parking lot does not require any certificate and is free of charge. Please search through your mobile phone or map navigation system: Guozhan Xinguan Bus Station - Bus Station (located on Yufeng Road) can be reached, facilitating you to choose the optimal route in real time.


At the same time, the sponsor will arrange a free shuttle bus to and from between the P6 parking lot and the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall) to facilitate everyone's participation and visit. P6 parking lot to China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall) is about 15-20 minutes on foot.


6. Catering and Business Travel Services


Through various coordination and effort, the accommodation and catering conditions around the exhibition hall have been gradually improved. At the same time, free water areas and temporary catering points will be added inside the exhibition hall to provide more convenient and user-friendly services for everyone.


Dear guests, friends from the press,


CIMT has been developing and expanding with the Chinese machine tool industry for more than 30 years since it was established, and it always plays a positive role in promoting technological progress in the Chinese machine tool industry and strengthening overseas exchanges and cooperation. We believe that at the background of building modern industrial system, promoting high-quality opening up, and accelerating the construction of a manufacturing, quality, and digital China, China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT) was, is, and will continue to be the best window and platform for investigating, researching, and connecting with the Chinese machine tool consumer market.


In the past year, the Chinese government has coordinated pandemic prevention and control and economic and social development, maintaining overall stability in economic and social development. The successful convening of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China depicts a grand blueprint for comprehensively building a socialist modern country. The 20th CPC National Congress put forward that we should build Chinese path to modernization, focus on promoting high-quality development, and specifically combine the implementation of the strategy of expanding domestic demand with deepening supply side structural reform.


In 2023, adhering to the general principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability, we will create effective demand through high-quality supply, and achieve effective improvement in economic quality and reasonable growth in quantity. We will give full play to the fundamental role of consumption and the key role of investment, recover and expand consumption through measures such as increasing urban and rural residents' income in multiple channels, reasonably increasing consumer credit, and effectively drive investment from the entire society through government investment and policy incentive.


CIMT2023 will closely follow the pulse of world economic development and scientific and technological progress, focus on the world with the concept of integrated innovation and high-quality opening up, using the platform thinking of large exhibition wholeheartedly to serve exhibitors and visitors at all levels, and actively promote the effective integration of all parties in production, learning, research, and practical application. As the sponsor of CIMT Show, CMTBA will continue to adhere to the principle of industry integration and win-win development, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, and continuously promote the technological progress and development of the industry.


We have reason to believe that with the concern, guidance and support of relevant government authorities, the enthusiastic participation of domestic and overseas exhibition pavilions and exhibitors, and the close cooperation of domestic and overseas partners, CIMT will play an important role in promoting the high-quality development of China's machine tool and tool industry, and the construction of the China's new industrialization and Chinese path to modernization.


This April, let's meet in Beijing.


CIMT2023 will welcome guests from all walks of life, and friends. We also warmly welcome friends from journalists to actively promote, interview, and report on this exhibition.


Finally, I wish all journalists good health and smooth work!


Thank you all!

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