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Since founding in 1989, China International Machine Tool Show held in every odd year has been successfully held 18 sessions so far. CIMT is the most prestigious, largest scale and most influential professional machine tool exhibition in China, regarded by the global machine tool industry as with the same popularity of EMO of Europe, IMTS of US and JIMTOF of Japan. CIMT is one of the four famous international machine tool exhibitions, which could not be missed. Along with the continuous lift of international standing and influence, CIMT has become an important place for exchange and trade of advanced global manufacturing technology, and a display platform for the latest achievement of modern equipment manufacturing technology, and vane & barometer of machinery manufacturing technology progress and machine tool industry development in China. CIMT converges the most advanced and applicable machine tool & tool products. For domestic purchasers and users, CIMT is an international investigation without going abroad.
The 18th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2023) was held from April 10th-15th, 2023 in China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall) successfully. The theme of CIMT2023 was “Collaborative innovation on digital & intelligent manufacturing is embracing the future”. The exhibition occupied all of the 8 permanent exhibition halls in China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall) and 4 temporary exhibition halls on east side of the venue, the total exhibition area was 140,000 square meters. There were 1,582 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions participating in CIMT2023 (Including 869 domestic and 713 overseas), exhibitors include all well-known domestic and overseas enterprises in the industry. Among them, machine tool associations and trade promotion organizations from 13 countries and regions organized pavilions to participate in the show, they were Germany, USA, UK, Swiss, Italy, South Korea, Spain, Japan, Czech, India, France, Chinese Hong Kong and Chinese Taiwan region. There were 10 branches of CMTBA organized over 300 members to participate in the show, they were Tool Makers’Sub-Association, Machine Tool Accessory & Attachment Makers’Sub-Assciation, Non-Traditional Machinery Buildes’Sub-Association, Computer Numerial Control System Makers’Sub-Association, Rooling Functional Components Makers’Sub-Assciation, Spindle Makers’Sub-Assciation, Abrasive Product Makers’Sub-Assciation, Superhard Material Makers’Sub-Assciation, Digital Readout Unit Makers’Sub-Assciation, and Machine Tool Electric Apparatus Makers’Sub-Assciation. During the show, a total of 59 units from domestic and overseas machine tool associations, enterprises, universities, and research institutes held 128 technical exchange seminars, the visitors of the seminar reached 5,591 people. This show has attracted trade visitors from 69 countries and regions around the world, the accumulative total person-time reached 336,504, an increase of 28.61% compared to CIMT2021 and 5.36% compared to CIMT2019; The total number of people was 242,246, an increase of 21.11% compared to CIMT2021 and 6.89% compared to CIMT2019; the number of visitors was 154,957, an increase of 26.98% compared to CIMT2021 and 11.42% compared to CIMT2019. The three major indicators of total number of person-time, total number of people, and number of visitors have all reached historic highs.
CIMT2023 has received great attention from the machine tool industry and upstream and downstream manufacturers in the industry chain, with unprecedented participation and praise. It has played a good role in promoting the recovery of the Chinese economy and the business activity of the manufacturing industry. At the same time, this show has become a window and wind vane for observing and studying the demand situation of the manufacturing industry in the post pandemic era, helping to restore demand and confidence in the Chinese machine tool market.CIMT2023 Post Report.pdf

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