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CIMT2021| The First International Famous Machine

Tool Exhibition Has Grandly Opened in the Post

COVID-19 Pandemic Period



At 1000am April 12th 2021 in Beijing, China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), machine tool & tool industry fellows gathered together to witness a solemn moment! The 17th China International Machine Tool Show has opened, which is sponsored by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association and organized by China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation together!




Today, under the situation of global COVID-19 pandemic is still sever, the CIMT2021 show, which is long expected by the industry, has granted opened and has drawn highly attention from global industry.


The leaders and representatives from government related departments and industrial associations attending to the opening ceremony are:

Mr.Zhou Ji, ex-minister of Ministry of Education, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Mr. Zeng Xianlin, ex-minister of Ministry of light industry, Mr.Yu Zhen, deputy director of former National Economy and Trade commission, Mr.Jia Chengbing, ex-chairman of board of supervisor for key and major state-owned enterprises dispatched by the state council, Mr. Wang Ruixiang, President ofthe China Machinery Industry Federation, Mr. Miao Changxing, the Level 1 inspector of no.1 equipment department of Ministry of Industry and information Technology, leaders from National Development and reform commissionMinistry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology,State Administration of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense,and other related departments of local governments.


The invited principles and representatives of the domestic industrial organizations are:


Ms. Song Baoli, President of China Association for Peaceful use of Military Industrial Technology, Ms. Chen Jingjing, Secretary General of China Association for Peaceful use of Military Industrial Technology, Mr. Xing Min, Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, Mr. Wu Youhua, President of China Instrument and Control Society, Mr.Zhang Zhiyong, Vice President of China Foundry Association, Mr. Hong Xianguo,Secretary General of China Agricultural Machinery Association, Mr. Niu Hui,Secretary General of China Bearing Industry Association, Mr. Rao Tao, Secretary General of China Hydraulics Pneumatics & Seals Association, and the principles and representatives of local industry organizations.


There are also principles and representatives from more than 20 domestic well-knownmachine tool & tool enterprises and more than 20 well-known overseas machine tool enterprises attending to the opening ceremony. For example: DMG Mori, Yamazaki Mazak, Siemens Germany, China Taiwan Fair Friend Enterprise etc.





The President and Vice President of the sponsor of the show, CMTBA; the principle of the organizer of the show, CIEC also attend to the opening ceremony.



The guests invited for ribbon cutting at the opening ceremony are


1Mr. Yu Xubo,Representative of domestic exhibitors, Party Secretary and Chairman of China General Technology Group Co. Ltd.

2Mr. Yves Morate, the representative of Swiss Pavilion, the business counsellor of Embassy of Switzerland in China

3Mr. Jumbolo Bruno, the representative of Italian pavilion, Trade Commissioner of Italian Trade Agency Beijing Office, Coordinator of ITA Offices in China and Mongolia

4Mr. He Minjia, The on-duty President of CMTBA, the Chairman of GSK CNC Equipment

5 Mr. Zhang Zhigang, The rotating president of CMTBA, the chairman of Jier Machine-Tool Group Co. Ltd.

6Mr. Yan Jianbo, The rotating president of CMTBA, the chairman of Shaanxi Qinchuan Machine Tool& Tool Group Corp.

7 Mr. Lajislav Horak,The representative of Czech pavilion, counsellor of Embassy of the CzechRepublic in Beijing

8Mr. Li Xingbin, The representative of American Pavilion, the general manager of the Asian region of The Association for Manufacturing Technology

9 Mr. Dong Qingfu, The representative of Japanese Pavilion, the Chinese region president of YamazakiMazak Corporation

10Mr. Li Zhongbo, The representative of domestic exhibitors, the general manager of BEIJING NO.1MACHINE TOOL CO., LTD.

11Mr. Leng Zhibin, The representative of domestic exhibitors, the chairman of Jiangsu YaweiMachine-Tool Co., Ltd.

12Mr. Kim Seog Jun, The representative of South Korean Pavilion, The General Manager of Doosan MachineTools China

13Mr. Ignacio Legarda Ereno, The representative of Spanish Pavilion, CEO of Beijing Fagor Automation Corp.

14Mr. Zhang Baoquan, The representative of domestic exhibitors, the president of Beijing Jingdiao GroupCorp.

15Mr. Chen Yan,The representative of domestic exhibitors, the general manager of HSG Laser Corp.

16Mr. Francesco Tivegna,The representative of English Pavilion, the managing director of RENISHAW(SHANGHAI) TRADING CO LTD,

17Mr. Glasset Vincent, The representative of French Pavilion, the sales director of Fives Group Shanghai

18Mr. Stephen Lu, the representative of German Pavilion, Chief representative of IMAG in China, Chief Operation Officer of Messe Mushen Shanghai Co., LTD

19Mr. Hu Zhanfei, The representative of Taiwan Pavilion, the Chairman of Shanghai Branch Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry



Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, many principles of overseas associations or groupswere unable to attend the show in Beijing, but they carefully recorded videos to congratulate the CIMT2021 on its opening as scheduled. Congratulations on the opening of the show as follow:


Mr. Douglas Woods, President of AMT

Dr.Wilfried Schäfer, Managing Director of VDW

Mr. Kazuo Yuhara, President of JMTBA

Mr. Larry Wei, Chairman of TAMI

Mr. Christoph BLAETTLER, Secretary General of SWISSMEM

Mr. Gianpaolo Bruno, Trade Commissioner of Italian Trade Agency Beijing Office, Coordinator of ITA Offices in China and Mongolia

Mr. XabierOrtueta,President of AFM

Mr. Yakuo Kasai, President of JAPIT

Mr. James Selka, CEO of MTA



Mr. V.Anbu, President and CEO of IMTMA

Mr. Peter Bergleiter, General Manager of IMAG GmbH.



President of CMIF Wang Ruixiang announced the opening of CIMT2021. Vice president Wang Liming of CMTBA has hosted the opening ceremony.


CIMT has gone through 32 years of development since it was founded in 1989, with the constantly deepening of China's reform and opening up and integrating into the process of global economic integration, CIMT has being developed and grown continuously as well. CIMT2021 continues to use the former theme ——“Win the Smart Future Together”. This theme accurately and clearly reflects the characteristics of the times of China's machine tool product market and industrial development, and indicates the future development trend of the industry.


With the careful cultivation of the sponsor and organizer, the enthusiastic supportand active participation of global industry exhibitors, and the joint effortsof related partners and industry fellows, the brand status and industry influence of the CIMT in the global industry have been continuously improved. CIMT is not only a grand event to show the world's advanced manufacturing technology and machine tool products, but also an important platform to promote domesticand overseas technology exchange and trade cooperation, it is also the best window to closely understand the changes of the demand in China, the largest machine tool consumer market.


The exhibition uses all eight indoor pavilions and four temporary pavilions in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), with a total exhibition area of 135,000 square meters. More than 1500 manufacturers from 27 countries and regions will participate in CIMT2021, among them, 870 are domestic and 633 are overseas. Machine tool associations and trade promotion organizations from 13 countries and regions including the United States, Germany, Japan, Switzerland,Italy, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Czech, India, China Taiwan region and China Hong Kong region have formed pavilions to participate the show, 15 associations and trade promotion organizations have set up information desks in oversea associations’ center.




CIMT2021 has been opened. We warmly welcome all guests to visit and appreciate the latest products and technologies in machine tool industry.


The exhibits of this exhibition have six highlights: (1) the rapid development of digital technology, a variety of digital application tools are competing forglory, (2) interconnection standards, promoting the coordinated development of smart manufacturing,(3) automation and composite integration technology, boosting manufacturing efficiency, (4) smart technology, leading the future developmen tdirection of high-end CNC machine tools, (5) specialized products, showing theservice ability of market segment, (6) additive manufacturing, developing manufacturing technology mode.


During the exhibition, a variety of international exchanges and industry activities will be carried out, including the following aspects:


First, International CEO Forum of Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry 2021. Theme is “Innovation·Talent·Transformation and upgrading”, more than 100 global machine tool industry executives and technical leaders, user representatives, experts and media representatives were invited.


Second,industrial internet platform exhibition activity of China machine tool industrythe digital services and application scenarios of deep integration of information communication technology and manufacturing industry will be displayed.


Third, showing application results of NC-Link.


Fourth,2021 Joint Meeting of Leaders of Representative Offices of Overseas Machine Tool Association in China and Overseas Enterprises in China. More than 80 representatives from more than 60 representative offices and some overseas enterprises in China will take part in the meeting. Reviewing the operation of overseas enterprises in China in the past year, exchanging experience, and discussing the industry development situation together.


Fifth, Symposiumon Application of Domestic CNC machine Tool in Key Fields. Inviting users inaerospace and other key fields and key enterprises in machine tool industry to have a deep exchange, releasing “The Supply Catalogue of Domestic High-end CNC Machine Tool”, and organizing the special topic of docking of supply anddemand.


Sixth, special exhibition area of “Education Institutions Showcase”. Tsinghua University,Tianjin University, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Polytechnic University, Nanjing University of Science and Technology will show its achievements of production, studying and research of cutting-edge and practical machine tool and manufacturing technology.


Additionally,holding Advanced Member Commendation Top10, International Business Forum, Th emeactivities such as docking meeting of machine tool and bearing technology development and dozens of technical seminars.


In the CIMT2021, the sponsor also actively try a new mode of exhibition, opening CIMT2021 online show to form effective interaction with offline show. The online show will open on April 18th after the closing of CIMT2021 for one month. Fellows in the industry are welcome to participate in the exchange, interaction and rich online experience.




Exhibition information

         NameThe17th China International Machine Tool ShowCIMT2021

TimeApril 12th– 17th , 2021

ThemeWin the Smart Future Together

VenueBeijing China International Exhibition CenterNew Venue

Address(88 YuxiangRoad), Airport Industrial Zone, Tianzhu, Shunyi District, Beijing, 101318, P.R.China

         Sponsor: China Machine Tool& Tool Builders’ Association (CMTBA)

         Organizers: China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association (CMTBA)

                              China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation (CIEC)






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