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The 17th China International Machine Tool Show CIMT2021


       News Release


                              China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association

                                                                   Mar.18, 2021


Dear guests, friends from media, ladies and gentlemen:


Good morning, everyone!


The 17th China Machine Tool Show (CIMT2021), sponsored by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association (CMTBA) and co-hosted by China International Exhibition Center Group Cooperation (CIEC), will be held from April 12 to 17 at the China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing. Compared with the past, CIMT2021 will certainly draw more attention than ever before as it’s the first great gathering of the global machine tool & tool industry in the post-COVID-19 pandemic period.


First of all, please allow me on behalf of CMTBA and co-organizer of CIEC, to extend a warm welcome to all friends from the press circles to attend today’s press release and sincere thank them for their concern and report on CIMT!  Next I’d like to give you a general introduction to the progress situation of preparation for CIMT2021 focused by all of you.


Since it founded in 1989, and with the deepening of China's reform and opening-up as well as integration into the global economy to continue growing, CIMT has gone through 32 years of development. With the careful cultivation of the organizers, the enthusiastic support and active participation of exhibitors from all over the world, as well as the joint efforts of relevant partners and peer colleagues, the scale of CIMT has been continuously expanded, and its brand status and industrial influence have been continuously enhanced. As one of the four major international exhibitions of the global machine tool industry, CIMT is not only a grand gathering to showcase the world's advanced manufacturing technologies and machine tool products, but also an important platform to promote the technical exchanges and business cooperation between China and the world, acting as a best window to understand the demand change of China---- the largest machine tool consumer market in China.

Looking back on 2020, it has been a difficult and challenging year for companies in the industry. Affected by COVID—19 pandemic crises, the global economy has suffered a major shock, international trade shows of well-known industries have ceased one after another, and commercial activities such as exchanges and investments among international industries have been seriously hindered. In addition, international geopolitical and trade disputes have been intensifying, the machine tool & tool industry in the world has been hit by a huge impact, and the re-layout of global industrial chain, supply chain is inevitable. The great change of the external management environment not only brings more uncertainty to the machine tool & tool market, but also directly impacts the investment and confidence of the machine tool & tool enterprises.


Fortunately, due to China's effective prevention and control measures, COVID—19 pandemic was quickly brought under control, some enterprises resumed to work and operation and management gradually on the right track. In 2020, China became the only major economy in the world to achieve positive economic growth, with the growth rate of gross domestic product (GDP) being 2.3%. Since the second quarter of 2020, China's machine tool & tool industry has been showing a stable trend, the main economic indicators continued to show a stable and better trend, many indicators better than the same period its previous year.  Import and export of machine tool & tool continued to recover, with export close up to the level of its previous year. The year-on-year order of metalworking machine tool in CMTBA’s key liaison Enterprises was overall growth.


In the New Year, facing the uncertainty brought about by the complicated economic environment at home and abroad in the post-pandemic period, as well as the severe challenge of accelerating the upgrading and change of the overall demand of the machine tool & tool market, how to accurately grasp the future development direction of the industry, it's even more important for enterprises. As a barometer of the market, CIMT2021 will also reflect the latest development of the industry and market from the side.


The theme of CIMT2021 remains the same as that of the last one--- "Win the Smart Future Together". This theme accurately and vividly reflects the characteristics of China's machine tool & tool product market and industrial development, indicating the trend of the industrial future development.


As a product of the deep integration of manufacturing and information technology, the concept of "intelligent manufacturing" has developed rapidly with the development of information technology. With the gradual mature digital technologies of big data, 5g technology, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, block chain and so on, the traditional competitive logic of the industry is undergoing profound changes. The development trend of deep integration of artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing technology has become a global manufacturing consensus. As the main battlefield of intelligent manufacturing, the machine tool & tool industry is facing an all-round profound change.


In recent years, facing the challenges and changes, a number of domestic and foreign machine tool enterprises accurately grasp the trend of technology development, timely adjust operating strategy, start from the supply side, dig into customer demand, research and develop related products, thus gaining new development impetus. The upcoming CIMT2021 , domestic and foreign exhibitors through the latest technology and products to showcase the machine tool industry’s new look to vividly interpret the rich connotation of the theme of CIMT2021 -- "Win the Smart Future Together".


At today's news release, we will mainly introduce the following three aspects: First, the situation of pavilions, exhibitors and exhibits; Second, international exchanges and trade activities during the exhibition; and third, the protection and service work of the exhibition.


1.   Conditions of pavilions, exhibitors and exhibits


CIMT2021 will use all eight indoor pavilions (E1, E2, E3, E4, W1, W2, W3 and W4) and four temporary pavilions (E5, E6, E7 and E8) of the China International Exhibition Center (CIEC)), the total area of the exhibition is 135,000 square meters. More than 1,500 machine tool & tool manufacturers from 27 countries and regions signed up for the show. Among them, machine tool associations and trade promotion agencies from 13 countries and regions including the Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Spain, the Republic of Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, regions from China Taiwan and  Hong Kong will form their pavilions to participate in the exhibition. Due to the advanced communication with the exhibition groups on their organization of pre-arranged planning under the status of preventing COVID--19, their participation become very smooth participation, compared with the ones in the past there is no change. Well-known machine tool manufacturers around the world will bring their latest technology and products to the scene. Well-known machine tool & tool manufacturers around the world will bring their latest technology and products to the scene.


In order to ensure the effects of the show from both exhibitors and visitors and focusing on the display of hot products and technologies in the industry, the organizers will continue to use the combination of national exhibition groups and exhibits classification on the basis of previous shows, modes of cross-distribution of exhibition areas within and outside China. At the same time, professional exhibition zone of forming and laser processing machine tools, industrial robots and automation and so on will be set up, in which inside and outside China’s exhibitors are mixed up in arranged display to compete in, the same stage. In addition, Special exhibition zones of China Machine Tool Industry Internet, specific achievement of CNC machine tool and the window of academy to strengthen and promote the exchange and cooperation with the industry in production, academy, research institute and utilization.


At the same time, the exhibition organizers will actively try to host a new model, online CIMT2021 and offline one will form an effective interaction. Exhibitors can display their enterprises' strength and latest products on the online platform through various forms such as interaction of graphics and text, Video, 3d, VR, etc. , online one-to-one instant communication for discussion and technical exchange; through the creation of a virtual exhibition hall, in-person exhibition, live-action of exhibits to create and extend the site atmosphere. In addition, customers and visitors can browse the exhibitors and exhibits of the in-person exhibition in advance or later at the online one to make a tour route in advance to seek and collect interested exhibitors and exhibits to warm-up in advance of the in-person exhibition to interact at the exhibition and to continue negotiation and communication after the event.


According to the latest statistics, the level of exhibits, categories, specifications and the coverage of this show create a new level. Exhibits include the main machine, CNC systems, functional parts, measuring instruments, machine tool’s appliances, cutting tools, accessories and other main product s of the industrial chain. Among them the category of main machine is completion, including metal cutting, metal forming, non-traditional processing, coordinate measuring machine, flame cutting, induction heating, woodworking machinery, foundry machinery and other types of equipment. Internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics, additive manufacturing and other hot-point technologies will become the focus of attention.


Exhibits can be summarized in the following six aspects (we have a special article to sum up the six aspects, here is a brief introduction)


(1)   with the rapid development of digital technology, various digital application tools compete with each other


Digitalization is the most important technological change in manufacturing technology in recent 10 years. It runs through the whole process of product manufacturing, from product planning, design, manufacturing, and sales to after-sales service. Digitalization improves the infrastructure architecture of manufacturing processes and is a necessary condition for market competition and operation improvement. With the development of digital technology, each and every "digital islet" converges into a data stream throughout the product life cycle. Digital Manufacturing has become one of the most important development directions of manufacturing technology.


Through CAD, Cam, CAE, CAPP, ERP, CNC machine tools and other products, CIMT2021 will focus on the integration of digital technology and traditional manufacturing technology to show the latest achievements.


(2)   Connectivity standards to push smart manufacturing to collaboratively develop


At present, all kinds of data of CNC equipment manufacturers are defined uniformly to adopt open and standardized interfaces to ensure the interconnection of these data among digital tools in the whole process chain, being able to simplify the connection between machine tools and user’s IT infrastructure to reduce its cost to reduce the burden of human resources to improve the speed of project implementation to reduce costs is also crucial to the realization of intelligent manufacturing. This standard and protocols have been listed as one of the most important matters in the main machine tool manufacturing countries in the world. Currently, the interconnectivity standards that have been established are NC-Link in China, MT Connect in the United States, and Umati in Europe.


At that time, the three standard application achievements will be all appeared at CIMT2021 to mutual Exchange to promote the global machine tool industry intelligent manufacturing development.


(3)   Automation and composite integration technology to boost manufacturing efficiency


The technology of automation and compound processing is very important to improve machining efficiency. Automation is an important part of the digital factory, as well as the intelligent and networked manufacturing. The applicability of automation is changing, and the process range of composite manufacturing technology is also expanding.


Automation is not only available for mass production, but is increasingly becoming the option for small batch, multi variety and mixed flow production enterprises. It is one of the important strategic research and development fields for machine tool enterprises to develop and apply automation system to help users improve manufacturing efficiency. According to the principle of processing concentration, various different processing could be put onto one machine tool to realize to complete the processing of turning, milling, grinding and laser processing at one time to reduce installation times to improve machining accuracy and production efficiency.


During the show period, world-renowned enterprises will showcase automation solutions and flexible manufacturing systems in relevant hot application fields. At the same time, all kinds of advanced compound processing machine tools will demonstrate the latest achievements of compound processing manufacturing technology at site.


(4)   Intelligent technology, leading the future development direction of high-end CNC machine tools


Intelligent manufacturing has become an inevitable choice for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, which is also the consensus of the global manufacturing industry. Intelligent machine tool is the basis of intelligent manufacturing. At present, the world's leading machine tool manufacturers and control system providers are vigorously developing intelligent machine tool products. Intelligentization has become the symbol and development direction of high-end CNC machine tools. The main problems of machine tool intelligent technology to solve are: improving machining efficiency, improving machining precision, ensuring machine tool running safety and improving man-machine interface to realize assistant machining and management function.


Many exhibitors will demonstrate the application of various smart technologies at CIMT2021. The exhibits cover mainframe, software, cutting tools, and some functional parts.


(5)   Specializedprecision and special products, showing the service ability of the market segment


The increasing demand for personalized products is one of the main trends in future manufacturing industries. The machine tool industry must provide the basic guarantee for the users to adapt to this changing trend. Market-oriented, in-depth understanding of user’s demand to provide users with personalized products and system solutions as well as cost-effective for users will become enterprises’ market competitiveness and an important means to improve sustainable development capacity.


Many participating enterprises at CIMT2021 will launch specialized, refined and special products aimed at customers in the fields of automobiles, aerospace, medical devices, 3C industries, engineering machinery, shipbuilding, etc. to fully demonstrate the outstanding service development ability of them.


(6)   Additive manufacturing, exploiting manufacturing technology models


Additive Manufacturing Technology can produce complex mesh structures, integrate components to achieve lightweight, and design complex internal flow channels to optimize fluid flow, it has the unique advantage that the traditional material-reducing machining does not have. It represents a trend of the development of production mode and advanced manufacturing technology, and its industrial application will greatly affect the traditional manufacturing technology process, production line, factory mode and industrial chain combination, etc.


In recent years, with the progress and development of materials and technology, the technology of additive manufacturing has made rapid progress, it is mainly embodied in the socialization of low-cost additive manufacturing equipment, the application of direct metal parts manufacturing technology in industry, and the manufacturing technology of various biomaterials and biological structures based on additive manufacturing.


Visitors at CIMT2021 will have the opportunity to experience the endless possibilities of the design and manufacturing process brought by this new technology by visiting the booths of suppliers of additive manufacturing technology at home and abroad.


2.   International exchanges and industrial activities during the exhibition period


To fully meet the needs of different types and levels of participants, the exhibition organizers will organize a variety of thematic activities around the theme of the exhibition to maximize the viewing experience of visitors. Major activities include:


(1) International Forum for CEO of machine tool manufacturing industry 2021


“International Forum for CEO of machine tool manufacturing industry 2021”will be held at the Crown Holiday Hotel, Beijing ,on 11 Apr. 2021, one day before the opening of the exhibition. The theme of this CEO Forum is "innovation, talent, transformation and upgrading"


Focusing on this theme, the forum will invite the CEO of famous machine tool enterprises at home and abroad to expound their beneficial attempts on practical experiences and achievements in innovation, talents and enterprise upgrading from different aspects for the reference of the industry. A total of 100 senior managers and technical executives from the global machine tool industry, representatives from user fields, experts and scholars, and media representatives will be invited to participate in the forum.


(2) Exhibition activities of China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Internet platform


According to the working meeting of the President of the Association in 2019 and the resolutions of the five council of the 8th session, the association’s "China Machine Tool Industry Internet platform" has been established. The platform is of great significance to the transformation and upgrading for realizing industrialization, digitalization of the machine tool industry and the implementation of the relevant National Strategy. It has been widely recognized and supported by the board of directors and members of the Association.


In the aspect of function development, the platform aims at solving the pain points and difficulties of enterprises in the industry, providing enterprises with business assistance and coordination tools needed in the process of R & D and production, and lifting the operational efficiency of the industrial chain, at the same time, the value point that the industry enterprises mainly sell products is extended to the new value point that serves the users.


Special booth of "China Machine Tool Industry Internet platform" located in Hall E1 will showcase five product lines of basic cloud services (including industry big data centers),production line, knowledge services product lines, industry chain synergy product lines, user services product lines, financial services product lines and 14 specific business products. Such as: Basic storage/computing platform and industry big data center, product display and demand interaction, online collection, online maintenance, APP market and shared manufacturing and many other products. Welcome all enterprises to visit and understand and participate in the application.


(3) Display of Application achievement of NC machine tool interconnection communication protocol standard (NC-Link)


The NC-Link Communication Protocol Standard has been established under the leadership of CMTBA having already entered into the stage of promotion and application. The development of this standard sets up a set of unified standards for the interconnection of CNC machine tools in China, it will promote to set up intelligent factory, intelligent workshop and intelligent production. In order to show the research and application results of China CNC machine tools interconnection standard, CMTBA will organize relevant units to promote and publicize NC-Link Interconnection communication protocol standard at CIMT2021.


NC-Link's proxy server, adapters, CNC system and related software will be displayed at the special booth in Hall e1 of CMTBA, at the same time with the exhibition of CNC machine tools and remote customer CNC machine tools conducting NC-Link Interconnection communication protocol standard application demonstration to show a full set of solutions to promote the utilization of interconnection of communication protocols in CNC machine tools, CNC systems, robots and other fields.


(4) Symposium on application of domestic CNC machine tools in key fields


Since 2005, CIMT and CCCMT have been organizing the "symposium on the application of domestic CNC machine tools in key fields" jointly organized by CMTBA and Association of China Peaceful Use of military technology. From April 12 to 13, a symposium on the application of domestic CNC machine tools in key fields 2021 will be held in Beijing. The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China and the State Administration for Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense have entrusted CMTBA and Association of China for the peaceful use of military technology to organize and host the conference. Users in key fields such as aerospace and key enterprises in the machine tool industry will be invited to have in-depth exchanges, the conference will release the " Catalogue of domestic high-end CNC machine tool supply" , "Catalogue of recommendation of engineering verification certificate of domestic high-end machine tool equipment" , recommended product compilation, demand guide, organizing supply and demand topic docking, through visiting the CIMT2021 Exhibition and the Special Achievement Exhibition of CNC machine tools to investigate the latest development of CNC machine tools industry at home and abroad.


(5) Accolades for advanced members (Top 10)


The annual "advanced member (Top 10) award" campaign launched by CMTBA has been going on for 20 years since it was first held in 2001. The recognition activities in promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry servicing as   Commending the advanced and setting up role model. In order to show the development level and strength of the machine tool industry to the domestic and foreign user industries to introduce the outstanding enterprises in the industry, the "advanced member (top 10) award" activity has set up four awards at present: top 10 in independent innovation, top 10 in product quality, top 10 in comprehensive economic benefit and top 10 in product export will be held on the afternoon of April 12 at the exhibition ,"advanced members of China machine tool industry (top 10) ". Award presentation ceremony will present award medals and certificates of honor to the winning enterprises.


(6) Special Achievements Display of CNC machine tools


CMTBA will continue to hold special exhibition activities of CNC machine tools specific achievement at the same time of the exhibition, entrusted by the office of "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment". The exhibition zone is located on the South side of the East Gallery. This special zone mainly propagandizes and displays the achievements in basic research and high-tech product research and development since the implementation of the specific display exhibition.  The Special Exhibition of CNC machine tool is based on the materials submitted by the special subject units, highlighting the characteristics of the industrial chain, and the special achievements will be intensively displayed in four categories according to the common technical platform of the functional parts of the CNC system, the mainframe, and the demonstration application, with the aim to guide industrial enterprises to advance the industrial base and modernization of industrial chain to promote the high-quality development of China's machine tool industry.


(7) The Liaison meeting of representatives and leaders of machine tool associations or enterprises in China 2021


The “annual meeting of representative of the Overseas Machine Tool Associations or leader of foreign enterprises in China 2021” organized by CMTBA will be held on the afternoon of April 14. It is expected that more than 70 representatives from more than 60 representative offices and some foreign enterprises in China will be invited to attend the meeting. Attendees will review the operation of foreign enterprises in China in the past year, exchange experience and perception, and jointly study and judge the future trend of industry development and the way of enterprise operation.


(8) International Business Seminar


CMTBA will hold "International Business Seminar" in the morning of April 14. Focusing on the current hot issues, probing how to use the new situation of National Strategy to formulate relevant transnational business strategies to use new market means and business models to tap up overseas markets.  Particularly, experts from the Foreign Trade Department of the Ministry of Commerce and an Internet Exchange Company were invited to share information on the opportunities brought by the implementation of RCEP for the industry, as well as to explore channels for overseas markets through overseas social media platforms. At that time, the meeting will also arrange for the exchange of experience among some enterprises in the sector that still perform well even under the COVID—19 pandemic.


(9) "windows of Academy" special exhibition zone


In order to promote the technical exchange and cooperation between enterprises and universities to promote the industrial application of scientific research achievements and the transformation and upgrading of industries, this exhibition will continue to set up the "window of academy" special exhibition zone which locates on the north side of the East corridor of the exhibition hall. Tsinghua, Tianjin, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Polytechnic University and Nanjing University of Science and Technology will showcase their cutting edge and practical machine tools and manufacturing processes. All of them are either national or provincial science and technology award-winning projects.


(10) Docking meeting on technology development of machine tool and bearing


CMTBA and China Bearing Industry Association will jointly hold the "Docking meeting on technology development of machine tool and bearing" on the afternoon of April 13, with the purpose of promoting the application of domestic equipment in the field of bearing manufacturing and lifting the service level of process equipment to jointly realize the goal of industrial upgrading of Chinese machine tools and bearings. Participating enterprises will discuss and exchange on the technical difficulties in the current bearing manufacturing process and requirements of equipment for the future developments.


(11) Technical Exchange Seminar


CIMT2021 provides a large number of technical exchange activities to general audience, to maximize the audience's participation and perception and also to meet the Exhibitor's promotional requirements. So far, the organizers have received 50 technical exchange applied by 28 enterprises, including 20 foreign enterprises and 30 domestic enterprises.


3.   Protection and services work of CIMT2021


(1) Information Technology Service


Visitors can pre-register via CIMT's official website, wechat and other means. According to the COVID—19 pandemic prevention requirements of government departments, all visitors enter the museum with valid identity documents. Therefore, everyone is encouraged to it in advance with real name to pre-register in order to save time. Intelligent self-service machine is installed on site to realize efficient entrance. At the same time, the exhibition hall communication facilities were upgraded, the mobile phone calls and Internet access were expanded and in the East, west, south and north of the four entrance hall with Free Wifi Connection. Small program of "Visitor’s Assistant" added onto CMTBA's Wechat subscription number to provide more convenience to visitors.


(2) Media Services


The organizer will set up an "Information Center" at CIMT2021. The information center will provide the necessary Internet access, fax and other hardware equipment, as well as up-to-date information to facilitate media coverage. The Information Centre will also receive submissions from exhibitors and provide updates on the exhibition and exhibits. Excellent manuscripts will be selected and published on website, Wechat, "Daily News" and other media platforms hosted by CMTBA.


(3) Providing on-site service to user purchasing group


The Marketing Department of CMTBA has set up a trade office at CIMT2021, located in the Marketing Department office (E3-201) on the second floor of the East corridor, to provide user groups of key fields with communication services between supply and demand.


(4) Public Security, fire control, safety supervision and pandemic prevention


In order to ensure CIMT2021’s public security, fire prevention and health and safety, the organizer, under the Guidance and supervision of Shunyi District’s public security, fire prevention, safety supervision and health departments and in accordance with the relevant provisions, will arrange those tasks of deployment of Construction, move-in and move-out the exhibition site and so on.


(5) Free Transport Services


During the period of CIMT2021, the organizer and sponsor will arrange a free shuttle bus route to China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), starting from the subway "Shaoyaoju station". Visitors can take subway line 10 or line 13 to "Shaoyaoju station" and from exit G to the bus station before taking the bus to CIEC (New Venue). During the period of CIMT2021, the parking lot P6 on Yu Fung road west of the CIEC (New Venue) will be open to visitors free of charge (Nav Search: Bus Stop at CIEC ,New Venue). Shuttle buses will be provided between the said parking lot and the exhibition pavilion.


(6) Catering and business travel services


Through the coordination and efforts of various parties, the accommodation and catering conditions around the exhibition hall have been gradually improved. At the same time, sites of offering free water and temporary food and beverage will be added inside the exhibition hall to provide more convenient and pleasant services to everyone.


Ladies and gentlemen of the Media circle:


Since the establishment of CIMT, it has developed with China's machine tool industry and played an active pushing role in promoting its technical progress and strengthening foreign exchange and cooperation.


Facing the complicated and changeable external market environment, China equipment manufacturing industry based on machine tool & tool industry is attracting more and more attention. The 2020 Central Economic Work Conference further implements the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee to stick to the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand, and to accelerate the cultivation of a complete domestic demand system. At the same time, the signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) and the China-EU investment and trade agreement will become an important platform for China to open up to the outside world in the new era, and help China form a new development pattern of domestic and international double circulation. The gradual implementation of these policies, agreements and related measures will create a broader market space for machine tool & tool enterprises, and will also greatly boost the confidence of the industry and its enterprises.


CIMT2021, as a global exhibition with the concept of integration and openness, will closely fit into the background of the world economic and technological development, and serve exhibitors and visitors at all levels with the big platform thinking of "integration and win-win", we will actively promote the effective integration of production, academy, research institution and utilization. As the host of CIMT, CMTBA will uphold the principle of industry integration and win-win Development to strengthen international exchanges and cooperation to continuously promote the technological progress and development of the industry.


We have reason to believe that, with the care, guidance and support of the relevant government departments, with the enthusiastic participation of the vast number of Chinese and foreign delegations and exhibitors, as well as the close cooperation of domestic and foreign partners, CIMT will further boost the high-quality development and process of China's machine tool industry.


This April, let's meet in Beijing. CIMT2021 will welcome guests from all walks of life with a new look. We also warmly welcome all friends from media circle to actively promote, interview, coverage of this exhibition. I wish you a good health and good luck in your work!


Thank you!




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