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CIMT2021 Theme —— “Win the Smart Future Together”


CIMT2021 (The 17th China International Machine Tool Show) will be destined to be given a new mission by history. The sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic broke the normal order of the global economy. In 2020the international renowned machine tool exhibitionsJIMTOF of Japan, IMTS of US had announced suspension one after another, just like CCMT sponsored by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association, resulting in the stagnation of cross-border exchange and interaction of machine tool industry. Experiencing the block by the pandemic, the machine tool industry in the post pandemic era is more eager for world-wide communication and integration. CIMT2021 will be solemnly launched on April 12-17, 2021this great event of the industry under such a specific background will surely cause  wide attention and focus of the global machine tool realm.


CIMT2021 will continue to use the theme of CIMT2019—“Win the Smart Future Together”. In the recovery of global industry exchange, this exhibition theme will be given a new connotation and historical mission.


Win Together

On a global scale, the development trend of world economic globalization and trade liberalization will not change, the reconstruction of global industrial chain division system and value chain will not stop, the interests of all countries in the world are deeply blended, and multilateral cooperation of win-win mode is still an international consensus.


CIMT, one of the world's leading international machine tool exhibitions sponsored by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association, has been adhering to the concept of opening up and compatibility. Each previous CIMT exhibition has fully demonstrated the desire of China's machine tool manufacturing industry to continuously expand exchanges with other countries’ peer industry in the world, China's market is an open market, and China's innovation system is an open innovation system.


CIMT2021 will more closely fit and serve the domestic and foreign economic and technological era background to highlight the thinking of big platform. On this platform, there is the integration of domestic and overseas exhibitors, the integration of machine tool enterprises and users, the integration of main machine manufacturers and component manufacturers, all those integrations can find a conjunction point in CIMT2021, and efficient integration development will ultimately achieve multilateral win-win favorable situation.


In the exploration of promoting the intelligent development of manufacturing industry, machine tool & tool industry cannot be separated from the joint participation of various fields and subjects. The necessary condition to develop the intelligent machine tool is to share experience, information, knowledge and solutions to problems. As the most influential industrial service organization in China's machine tool manufacturing industry, China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association adheres to the principle of industry integration and win-win development, over the years, it has maintained in-depth exchanges and extensive cooperation with various machine tool associations and relevant trade organizations in other countries worldwide, and has actively tried to explore Internet communication protocol standards, industrial Internet platform construction and other relating ones, so as to contribute to the development of intelligent machine tools.


The Smart Future

In the post pandemic era, production automation and intelligence will undoubtedly be put on the agenda by more enterprises, and the demand for highly intelligent production lines will be accelerated. A profound thought brought by the pandemic is that it is urgent to strengthen the development of intelligent manufacturing industry and technology. However, the pandemic not only promoted the development of intelligent manufacturing to some extent, but also made it more clear and firm that intelligent manufacturing is the inevitable trend in the future development of manufacturing industry.


Intelligent manufacturing is the product of the deep integration of manufacturing industry and information technology, its birth and evolvement are concomitant with the development of information technology: from the middle of last century to the middle of 1990s, the informatization with main characters of computing, perception, communication and control hastened the birth of digital manufacturing; since the middle of 1990s, the informatization with main characters of large-scale popularization and utilization of internet has expedited the birth of digital networked manufacturing; in recent years, internet, internet of things, 5G mobile communication, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, block chain and other new generation of information technology innovations and applications are emerging in endlessness, building a complete ecosystem of intelligent softwareThis system will accelerate the new generation of intelligent manufacturing to the depth and breadth of development.


In the past decades, the machine tool manufacturing industry has perfectly combined machine tool with digital technology, providing the global manufacturing industry with the most advanced manufacturing equipment - CNC machine tool. With the integration and application of artificial intelligence technology, the new generation of intelligent machine tool begins to have intelligent functions of autonomous perception, independent study, independent decision-making and independent execution etc., which can greatly promote quality improvement, process optimization, health assurance and production management, etc.. As the industrial machine tool for manufacturing industry, the intelligent degree of machine tool has an important impact on the implementation of intelligent manufacturing, the new generation of intelligent machine tool will be sure to bring new changes to the manufacturing industry to continue becoming an important factor leading future manufacturing in a new round industrial revolution.


CIMT2021 will adequately illuminate the most cutting-edge technology and the latest achievement of intelligent development in machine tool manufacturing industry, from the classic digital solutions to the new generation of intelligent manufacturing products and technologies deeply integrated with the latest information technology, visitors will fully appreciate the infinite creativity of the intelligent manufacturing era, feeling the infinite possibilities brought by future "intelligent manufacturing". The ultimate mission of "intelligent manufacturing" will be better to serve mankind.





Name: The 17th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2021)

Date: April 12-17, 2021

Venue: China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing

Address: 88 Yuxiang, Tianzhu, Shunyi, Beijing

Sponsor: China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association

Organizers: China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association

                      China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation




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