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Congratulatory Messages on CIMT2019

Innovation Leads the Breakthrough and Accelerates China's Move to the Machine Tool Powerhouse

Mr. Zhang Zhigang

Chairman of CMTBA (China Machine Tool & Tool Builders Association)

President of JIER Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd.


In this time of recovery and vigorous development of all things, the 16th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2019), a biennial industry event, opened after the successful holding of NPC and CPPCC. On behalf of JIER Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., I would like to express my warm congratulations on the event.

The theme of this exhibition is "Win the Smart Future Together", which reflects the development characteristics of merging together of Intelligent Manufacturing in different fields and industries for their collaboration, interconnection, information sharing and integration. It fits the background of current economic development and the mainstream and trend of future manufacturing industry.

At present, the machine tool industry is facing a complex and severe domestic and international environment amid a stable but also worrying macroeconomic situation. There are many external unstable and uncertain factors, the momentum of world economic and trade growth is weakening, the growth rate of investment continues to decline, and financial risks are rising, especially the trend of Sino-US trade frictions is difficult to grasp. Problems and contradictions accumulated in the industry for many years, such as the unsound system and mechanism, the inability of product structure to adapt to changes in market demand, are still plaguing some enterprises. The double pressures of structural adjustment and downward operation are further intensified.

2019 is the key year for the transformation, upgrading and development of the machine tool industry, facing greater challenges than before. Accelerating mergers, acquisitions and reorganization and market clearing will lead to more obvious industry differentiation and a new industry pattern will gradually take shape. Machine tool industry enterprises should keep abreast of the times, innovate their thinking, accelerate transformation and upgrading, transform the new and old kinetic energy, actively adapt to the changes in demand brought about by the fourth industrial revolution, make full use of advanced technologies such as intelligent manufacturing and industrial internet, and upgrade product technology. It varies from enterprise to enterprise to address exact problem to work hard accurately to try to exert specially, fine and large to pursuit actual effect. Working around making China manufacturing deeply and solidly, strong in quality, excellent in intelligent manufacturing as mainstream to vigorously promote original innovation to push Chinese manufacturing and services to the medium-high end to accelerate the pace towards a powerful machine tool country.

JIER Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. actively responds to profound changes of the external environment, adheres to innovation-driven, focuses on the development trend of intellectualization, and constantly improves the ability of independent research and development. By mastering key core technologies, it provides users with overall solutions to meet the needs of domestic key areas and national defense construction for high-end equipment; by further promoting the application of integration of informationlization and industrialization, it accelerates the intelligent transformation toward green, energy-saving and high-efficiency. Its leading products of complete line and set have exported to the European, American, Japanese and other developed countries’ mainframe factories; through aiming at first-class international standard, it strives to cultivate a world-class enterprise with global competitiveness by fine management, cultivating people of expert-type and compound talent team to enhancing risk resistance.

More than 1700 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions gathered in Beijing to bring new technologies of digital manufacturing and solutions, intelligent technology, high efficiency and automation, and specialization, as well as new achievements of transformation and upgrading, new and old kinetic energy conversion, which will surely become a grand event expected by the industry. JIER Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd. with XHS2425x50 fixed beam gantry boring and milling center and a series of double-angle universal milling heads of different structural types at the show are the latest achievements of independent research and development, which can completely replace imports and meet the all-round high-speed processing requirements of complex profiles of titanium alloy and aluminum alloy materials in key industries such as aerospace and rail transit. Welcome friends from all walks of life to our booth of Jier Machine Tool Exhibition (E3-B001) for visits and exchanges.

Finally, I wish the 16th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2019) a complete success!



Keeping in Mind the Mission of Integration and Innovation

Establishing First Class High-End Machine Manufacturing Group

Mr. Du Zhuoyu

Rotating Chairman of CMTBA (China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association)

Board Chairman, Party Secretary of Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Corporation


When CIMT 2019 is going to commence, on behalf of Wuhan Heavy Duty Machine Tool Group Corporation, here I would like to express my most sincere congratulations to the opening of this great event and my warmest welcome to peers and friends home and abroad.

The year 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and also a critical year of implementation of new concept of development and practice of high quality development requirement. In the case of machine tool industry continues downward, as the continuous differentiation and specialization intra-industry segments, the market calls for acceleration and upgrading towards middle-high end machine tools and intelligent equipment. Promotion of supply-side reform and high quality development has become the main task of machine tool industry. Facing the remarkable changes of machine tool industry and the severe and complicated situation of its development, we must accurately grasp the judgment that Chinese economy is still in an important period of strategic opportunities. We must keep in mind our mission and responsibility of forging an internationally advanced machine building industry, stay focused and remain steadfast and firmly believe in development; we must fulfill our mission of revitalizing China, embracing the new era by hard work and new achievements.

The theme of this exhibition “Win the Smart Future Together” accurately and vividly reflected the characteristics of “transformation, innovation and integration” of machine tool industry in the new era. “Intelligent manufacturing” has become the main direction of future commanding height of Chinese machine tool industry. The new generation of information technology, robot, internet and Big data have speeded up integration with manufacturing industry, and brought up a lot of new technologies, new industries, new industry formats and new patterns, which have brought new opportunities and new challenges to machine tool industry and led us to further speed up upgrading into digitalization, network smart and intelligent.  

With the developing guideline of “Reform, innovation, transformation, lean and quality and efficiency improvement” WZ group in recent years has deeply implemented innovation-driven strategy and “User-centered” developing concept, strongly promoted the transformation of business mode of “product +”, “Service +” and “Internet +” by consistently promoting high-end equipment technology innovation system and intelligent equipment development to provide our clients with integral solution plans, which have met the demand of high-end equipment in emphasis areas of defense and military and major state construction projects; and the business continues to improve.

With peers home and abroad coming together to demonstrate new products, new technologies and new achievements of intelligent manufacturing, this exhibition would be a great event. Taking this opportunity, WZ group brought here VTM5928 5-axis vertical milling and turning center with movable table to meet the demand of high accuracy and high efficiency machining of case jobs in key industries such as high-performance ship-building and aerospace and aviation, etc.. Warmly welcome friends of all lines to visit our booth (W4-B001).

Finally, I wish CIMT2019 every success. Thank you!



Win the Smart Future Together

Mr. He Minjia

Rotating Chairman of CMTBA (China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association)

President of GSK CNC Equipment Co., Ltd.

A drop of water…melted into the sea…never dried up…  CIMT2019… like a beautiful bay…like the ocean of technology…

The aircraft carries group sails, again with “the group standard”… along the navigation aid of China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association…the interconnection of the machine tool industry…sailing into the sea of the intelligent manufacturing, endless……



Grasping the New Opportunities and Jointly Exploring the New Development——Congratulation to the CIMT2019

Mr. Long Xingyuan

Rotating Chairman of CMTBA

Chairman of Board, Qinchuan Machine Tool & Tool (Group) Corp.


I would, on behalf of China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association (CMTBA) and Qinchuan Machine Tool & Tool (Group) Corp, sincerely congratulate today’s grand opening of CIMT2019, a great event for global machine tool industry, and we welcome friends and business partners from around global to participate this exhibition.

This year’s exhibition focus on the theme of “Win the Smart Future Together” that reflect the future trend of development for our industry, our industry underwent a profound change in 2019, the development model had been transformed from fast growth in size to the quality growth for profitability, the advanced manufacturing which integrate the new generation IT technology, new material and AI, Big data as well as cloud technology is something critical in redefining the competitive edge and recapturing of new competence, at the crossroad of our industry, QCMT&T focus on the significant demands from national’s critical industry area with his strength in manufacturing precision and complex equipment, QCMT&T developed complete line of production equipment to fulfill the demands from  marine & aeronautic, smart vehicles industries, in the same time, concentrating on individual demands & full life circle management and relying on it’s digitalized development platform , QCMT&T is carrying out the task in data accumulation and iteration based on industrial internet and pushing forward the integration of parts manufacturing and value-added service to create new service-type manufacturing. Thus, to energize the group’s digitalization transformation that ultimately contribute to the “Smart Manufacturing of China”.

Let us join together in CIMT2019 to explore the suitable new path of development for each of us in the new era of global industrial revolution to collectively open up a new horizon to China Machine Tool Industry with vision of “equipping for China & marching to the world”  



Converging Globally  CIMT Up to a Higher Level

Mr. Mao Yufeng

President of CMTBA


The 16th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2019), organized by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association and co-organized by China International Exhibition Center Group, will be held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center (New Venue) from April 15 to 20. We would like to take this opportunity to extend our sincere invitation to colleagues in and out of the industry, businessmen at home and abroad, and new and old friends. Welcome to visit, exchange ideas, discuss cooperation and make friendship.

At present, China's development is facing a complex and severe situation at home and abroad, which is rare for many years. New downward pressure has arisen in the economy. The CPC Central Committee judges that China's development is still in an important period of strategic opportunities. It has sufficient resilience, huge potential and constant innovative vitality, and the long-term trend of economic improvement has not changed or will not change. In 2019, the government would realize the stable growth and investment via those measures of deepening market-oriented reform, expanding high-level openness & innovation, perfecting macro adjustment & control, vigorously reducing taxes & burdens, and adhering to innovation to lead development. These changes have brought new challenges and opportunities to the machine tool & tool industry.

Since its birth 30 years ago, CIMT has been adhering to the road of internationalization and specialization, focusing on displaying the world's most advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, and has been strongly supported by national and regional machine tool associations, trade promotion agencies, domestic and foreign machine tool enterprises and user enterprises. So far, CIMT has had 15 successful sessions, making great contributions to China's reform and opening up, innovation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry. CIMT 2019 will focus on intelligent manufacturing and attracts more than 1700 manufacturers from 28 countries and regions, including 874 overseas exhibitors and 838 domestic exhibitors, both accounting for about 50% of the exhibition area. All the world-renowned machine tool manufacturers present; 13 national and regional machine tool associations and trade promotion organizations from the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries and regions participated in the exhibition; the total exhibition area reaches 142,000 square meters.

In 2018, China's machine tool and tool consumption market showed a trend of high at the beginning followed by low and teady at the end of the year. The total yearly consumption of metalworking machine tool was 29.13 billion US dollars, down 2.8% year-on-year. The total production amount was 23.46 billion US dollars, down 4.3% year-on-year. The total export amount was 4.0 billion US dollars, up 21.6% year-on-year. The total import amount was 9.67 billion US dollars, up 10.6% year-on-year. Comprehensive analysis of the above data on consumption, production and import and export shows that although there are fluctuating pressures in market demand at present, the consumption market potential of China metalworking machine tool will remain in the future, and the overall demand structure will keep continuing to upgrade.

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the key year to win the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way for the first century. The steady growth of demand side will continue to exert its strength, and the reform of supply side will continue to deepen. At present, a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation and upgrading are forming a historic convergence. New technologies, such as new generation of information technology, robots, internet of things, industrial internet, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, are bringing new industries, new formats and new modes, and will also bring new opportunities and challenges to China's machine tool & tool industry. The theme of this exhibition is "Win the Smart Future together", which is in response to the development trend of China machine tool & tool consumption market. We believe that under the background of deepening market-oriented reform, expanding high-level openness, promoting high-quality development of manufacturing industry and accelerating the construction of a powerful manufacturing country, China International Machine Tool Show has been and will be the best window and platform for observing, researching and docking China machine tool & tool consumption market.

On the occasion of the opening of CIMT 2019, on behalf of the organizer, China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association, I extend a warm welcome to new and old friends from the global peer industry. I wish the exhibition a complete success.



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