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Congratulatory Message from Chen Huiren

Source:cmtba  Published:2015-04-20


President & CEO of China Machine Tool & ToolBuilders’ Association

Sponsored by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’Association (CMTBA) and organized by CMTBA and China International ExhibitionCenter Group Corporation (CIEC), the 14th China InternationalMachine Tool Show (CIMT 2015) will be held on April 20th-25th,2015 in China International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing. On behalfof the sponsor and the organizer, I express my welcome to the Chinese andforeign guests and friends in machine tool industry and customers attending theexhibition.

Thanks to the meticulous care of CMTBA and the efforts ofpartners and colleagues, CIMT has extended constantly since its establishmentin 1989. With its increasingly higher brand position and bigger industrialinfluence, CIMT has been one of the four most influential machine toolexhibitions in the world. Besides demonstrating the world advancedmanufacturing technology and machine tool products, it provides a key platformthat facilitates technical exchanges and the technical progress of China’smachine tool industry and even offers the best window for the world to witnessthe changing demand of China—the largest machine tool market.

At present, world economy remains in a sluggish recovery.China has ushered in a new normal economy, bidding farewell to the rapid growthfor the past decades and paying more attention to quality and benefits. It isan unprecedented era of China, faced with both opportunities and challenges.

“With downward pressure on China’s economy building anddeep-seated problems in development surfacing, the difficulties we are toencounter in the year ahead may be even more formidable than those of last year.On the other hand, China is still in an important period of strategicopportunity during which great progress can be made in development. Ourcountry’s development has enormous potential and is hugely resilient, and wehave ample room for growth,” said by Premier Li Keqiang in Government WorkReport 2015.

The machine tool industry is embracing an opportunity ofstrategic transformation for further development. The rapidly upgraded userdemand of China has brought challenges and new opportunities to global machinetool enterprises. In the new period of development, the features of thedevelopment of machine tool industry will be changed from high speed to highquality and high benefits. The coming CIMT 2015 is to exhibit from one sidewhat the new environment of machine tool industry under the new global economicdevelopment will feature and how machine tool enterprises can press close touser demand and obtain a new motive force of development. The theme “New Normal• New Development” will endow CIMT 2015with new significance.

CIMT 2015 will employ all of the 8 exhibition halls ofChina International Exhibition Center (New Venue), Beijing as well as 8temporary halls in the east, covering a record large area of 131,000 m2 totally.Up to now, 1554 machine tool manufacturers from 28 countries and regions haveapplied for participating in the exhibition. With world famous enterprises inthe industry competing here with their latest achievements, CIMT 2015 will besurely a top-level feast!

Tens of thousands exhibits, at high level and of variouskinds and specifications, at CIMT 2015 range from machine tool, functionalcomponents, CNC systems, measuring instruments, machine tool electric apparatusto cutting tools, accessories and other major products, of which machine toolsare involved in metal cutting, metal forming, gear cutting and non-traditionalmachining.

Toensure CIMT demonstrates fully the latest development directions andachievements of machine tool industry and thereby the best effect of exhibitors’and visitors’ visits, the sponsor has improved and adjusted the design and theplanning, including optimizing the content structure and specializing theoverall arrangement of the exhibition. Under a huge shortage of exhibitionresources, though, we offer larger support to such new technologies and newproducts as laser process machine, industrial robot and 3D printing and set up specialareas for them. Moreover, we break the bound of domestic and overseasexhibition areas for forming machine, tools and measuring instruments, makeoverall layout for them in accordance with the principle of specialization andthus make it more convenient for the visitors.

Tosatisfy the requirements of the visitors of different types and levels, thesponsor organizes a rich mixture of theme activities and provides abundantservice.

Theactivities include International CEO Forum of Machine Tool Manufacturing Industry2015, Industrial Robot Top Forum 2015, 2015 International Machine ToolInformation Conference (IMTIC 2015), Window of Colleges and Universities,Overseas Merger & Acquisition and International Management Symposium,Release Conference of “Top 10 Enterprises in Machine Tool Industry 2014”, 2015Symposium for Domestic CNC Machine Tool in Military Industry, seminars at CIMT2015, OverseasMachine Tool Associations Networking Party, the 5thCNC Machine Tool Achievements and Applications Exhibition, ExhibitionInformation Conference and etc.. Among them, IMTIC, Window of Colleges andUniversities and Exhibition Information Conference are to be held for the firsttime, which shows the sponsor’s innovative and pragmatic service advancing withthe times.

Appreciatingand welcoming again your presence!

Wish theexhibition a complete success!

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