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New Demand·New Supply·New Momentum

——Theme of CIMT2017 Established

China Machine Tool & Tool Builders’ Association

With the great impetuses brought by German Industrial 4.0, American Industrial Internet tidal wave, Made in China 2025 and the pressure & opportunities brought by the slowdown of global economic development and transformation, global machine tool & tool industry has begun a new round of transformation & upgrading and positive change: New market demand is continuing to loom and new product supply is continuing to enrich so as to continuously promote the industry to regain new momentum for its growth.

The 15th China International Machine Tool Show (CIMT2017) will be held during April 17-22, 2017 in Beijing in the context of such a big transformation and change. The theme of the Show is determined as "New Demand·New Supply·New Momentum". This theme annotates the world machine tool & tool industry is facing new challenges and opportunities in the current environment. CIMT2017 together with you will also witness the new journey of the industry.

There are two major machine tool exhibitions organized by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders' Association - CIMT and CCMT. Both of them have used the word of "new" in their themes in three consecutive sessions. CCMT2014's theme is "New Change·New Future"; CIMT2015's theme is "New Normal·New Development" and CCMT2016's theme is "New Environment·New Pattern·New Action". All the themes begin with the word "new" to guide the topic, but each theme told different contents. With their unique styles, simple wording and profound meanings, the themes are fairly familiar with the industry and deeply rooted among the people.

New Demand: Describe the characteristics of the market changes

The sufficient liquidity of sources brought by today's world economic development and globalization has brought a series of changes in the needs of society. In the field of consumption, such personalized demand has begun to evolve to personalized customization for a variety of products in people's life; in industrial field, this market demand is manifested to require more high-end flexible manufacturing. While the global economy is still in the comprehensive and profound process of rebalancing, the economic differentiation becomes more and more complicated. Especially, the recent market turmoil has added new uncertainties to the slow recovery process and the stability of the world economy is facing a new risk.

In this context, the Chinese economy has entered a new stage of development. The slowdown of growth, structural adjustment and driving force conversion have become the main features of the new stage, making machine tool industry - a tool of production and manufacturing master- feel the general demand pressures of the continuous decline of total market consumption. And at the same time, the industry also feels the special challenges and opportunities brought by the structural changes of the market demand. With China's continuous slowed economic growth and deep structural adjustment, China's machine tool & tool market demand has also undergone a significant change: With total demand decreased significantly, the new feature of the accelerated upgrade of market demand structure has become increasingly evident. The main direction of the demand structure upgrade can be summarized in three aspects, namely, automatic machinery, customized demand and general shift & upgrade.

New Supply - Interpret the industry development trend

Samuelson once said: "learning economy couldn't be a thing too simple. You need to master two things. One is called demand, the other is called supply. Under the interaction of supply and demand, the market will reach a state of equilibrium". New demand calls for new supply. Industry progress is the result of combined action of the two. At present, the Chinese government is working on structural reform of the supply side, arousing widespread concerns and positive repercussions at home and abroad. With the stimulus intensity of the demand side relatively weakening, China vigorously promotes structural reform of the supply side, so as to improve the quality and efficiency of the supply. These policies will further deeply promote the reform and benign development for the machine tool & tool industry.

Demand structure adjustment is anything but a short-term direction, but an inevitable requirement for the industrial upgrade and technological progress in user's domain. When personalized demand, mass customization and high-end manufacturing become the strong demand of the mainstream market, it'll put forward new supply targets and development opportunities to machine tool manufacturers. Digital and intelligent manufacturing technology, specialized products & customized services, and automation & unmanned technology emerging in an endless stream become a true portrayal of the supply end meeting the demand and creating values. All of them will be displayed panoramically at CIMT2017.

New Momentum – Drive the industrial technological progress

New demand brings new supply and produces new development momentum. In the face of changes of the situation in recent years, there are a large number of domestic and foreign outstanding enterprises, with a positive and active attitude, have seized new opportunities to plan new strategies and implement new actions. With dedicated spirit and professional technology, these enterprises dipped deeply in users' needs to meet the development needs of the key areas. While improving the quality of the products and providing complete sets of solutions, these enterprises constantly improve their service ability and level to achieve growth against the background of economic downturn.

With deepening structure adjustment of the market in the future, the industrial pattern gradually becomes distinct, and along with severe challenges must come more historic opportunities. We believe, there must be more and more enterprises in the new market environment and in the changing pattern will think according to concrete situation to gear up with the trend to meet the needs of more market segments to provide better supply to create a new development momentum to satisfy the users' continuing upgrading and changing demands and strive to achieve the development target for the machine tool & tool industry.

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